Elita discreta pro România


Este elita formata din acele personalitati de exceptie si independente fata de sistemul de aici , dar care cunosc si inteleg Romania si problemele ei , sau chiar cunosc limba romana , inteleg spiritualitatea romaneasca si in mod dezinteresat , onest si responsabil fac pentru Romania poate mai mult decat reprezentatii ei formali si elitele ei oficiale :

Principele Charles, Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to Romania, Catherine Durandin , Dennis Deletant , Tom Gallagher, Dr. Peter Gross , Jean Lauxerois , Katherine Verdery,, Steven van Groningen, Leslie Hawke.

sâmbătă, 25 aprilie 2020

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Andrei Luca3 years ago
melodia aminteste de niste vremuri cand dragostea era pura, nobila si frumoasa nu animalica si plina de erotism, animalica si fara nimic sensibil in ea. Daca va uitati la imaginile postate pe cursul melodiei femeile erau frumos invesmantate iar intimitatea era ceva sacru,acoperit si de neatins,neintinat iar pe cel ce profita de aceasta sfanta intimitate iubind-o si apoi parasind-o era asemenea unei profanari.De aici sentimentul acesta al tragismului plus rana sufletului celui parasit care pare de nevindecat.Totusi badea trimite o scrisoare cerandu-si voie de la mandra sa se insoare cu alta simtindu-se cumva vinovat de parasirea iubitei lucru ce nu-l scapa de blestemul pacatului de a fi iubit si apoi sa paraseasca ce a iubit.

Oricum am judeca aceasta melodie ea este de o frumusete deosebita ce nu te poate lasa indiferent daca esti om normal la minte.Eu nu am aauzit-o pana azi .Azi am ascultat-o difuzata la Radio Cultural si am intrat s-o ascult de mai multe ori pt.ca mi s-a partut extraordinar de sensibila si frumoasa chiar daca e melancolica.Noi suntem un popor cu o melancolie in sange numai daca nu am ucis deja tot ce mai era frumos in noi odata cu secularismul...respect tuturor.
nehliudov1 year ago
Mult prea rar dau peste un astfel de comentariu. Iti multumesc ca m-ai ajutat sa-mi articulez si sa-mi inteleg mai bine emotiile.

ciupenhauer2 years ago (edited)
voi realizati ca toata melodia asta e de fapt o pictura? ea stand in drum plangand, norii curg deasupra poate cu zilele, pentru ea momentul e inafara timpului. tristetea nu are timp. ea ramane suspendata si singurul reper e norul. si norul vesnic trece.. cat de putine cuvinte in versuri pentru o imagine atat de puternica..

Dusan Kojic7 years ago
Great song. Regards from SERBIA!!!

Reggie Kray6 years ago
There´s something miraculous about Romanian culture, the way of the storytelling captivating in a fragile yet dignified spirit is something all human beings need to sense in their consciousness.

antimonyful5 years ago
It is one of the frustrations of humanity that you don't know what you have until it's gone. Romania and Romanians are slowly losing their culture, heritage, customs, and traditions in exchange for more "modern" things that have no lasting value. Yes, life is tough for a lot of people and they might want to leave for a better place or "evolve" into a more Western mindset. But don't think for one second Romania is all that bad and backwards compared to any other nation. Learn to cherish your rich culture and traditions and keep them from dying. I love this song and the many more like it, they touch the heart and speak to the soul. 

Mihai Maita3 years ago
atunci cand barbatii iubeau femeile si femeile respectau barbatii

Ida Marie Gedbjerg Sørensen2 years ago
I would like to know who owns the right of this track. I would like to use it in a film. Who to contact?
Blaikias1 year ago
Thank you for your interest in the Romanian culture! Regarding the copyrights, you should contact Surorile Osoianu ('The Osoianu Sisters'). You can message them on their Facebook page where you will also find their manager's phone number in the description. https://www.facebook.com/pg/SurorileOsoianu/about/?ref=page_internal Also, may I know the name of the film you are working on? I think I'd be interested in watching it :) Good luck! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!Read more

marino deželak2 years ago (edited)
I have to say... I hear this song for the first time, but it is very reminiscent of the Hungarian "Gloomy Sunday". So reminiscent actually, I could easily believe it could have been an inspiration.

Endeavour Deandre2 years ago (edited)
From what i know, this is a traditional song (it doesn't even have a known author) and it's from Basarabia area (a little far from Hungary, it's not in the Transilvanya region) Also, the subject of this song it's completely different from the Gloomy Sunday (which i understand it's about suicide) But, I'm not a specialist in these things, so it could be either way ...Show less 
oq po1 year ago
marino deželak Of course a hungarian has to come and claim everything ... please just mind your traditions and leave us alone.

Baycosinus1 year ago (edited)
So i'm a Turk and my grandparents were born in Constanta, migrated back to Turkey in 1930's. My grandma was always singing this to me when i was a little kid. I asked her the meaning of the song and she told me she can't remember since she had Alzheimer's Syndrome. She died in 2013 and several years later, i met a Romanian girl and one day she sent me this song. I cried out loud several hours when i realize this is that song. And each time i miss her, i came here and listen to this, close my eyes and imagine she's singing this to me. Multumesc. 

Edit: Thanks to the people who shared my emotions. I went to Sibiu, Romania for an Erasmus internship last summer (2019 summer) and it was the best time of my life. I experienced many "firsts" of my life, travelling abroad alone first time, being in a foreign country first time. eating miçi first time :) It was like a dream and I collected tons of memories there. And once i graduade, first thing i'll do will be to move there. Also, I had the opportunity to listen to Subcarpati live, and they performed their song "Limba Romana" in that concert first time. When I hear Surorile Osoianu, my tears started to drop! It was a beautiful night for me. Focus in the Park, Sibiu, 2020. Multumesc mult, oameni frumoși!

Nagy Jeno10 months ago
romanian magics! i'm half romanian and half hungarian born in Romania, never percepted like a real romanian. I left Romania 30 years ago to live in many foreign countrys and finally discover trough culture, that i feel and i'm romanian in my deep soul! very nice country, rich history and universal culture. You: turk; me : hungarian; we have romanians feellings just by listening that song...and even if they say that we are not romanians... we feel like!!!
Andreea Pozderie9 months ago
This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read on youtube comments. Please let us know how your internship will go in Constanta. I can imagine this trip is already charged with so many emotions. Wish you all the best.
oneoctavelow1 year ago (edited)

I get goose bumps whenever I listen to this song. It is so hauntingly pure, so spellbinding ...so innocent... Surely it must come from a Romanian child's heart

Ștefania Ghișa1 year ago (edited)
Sentimentele stârnite sunt inexprimabile . Niște versuri atât de simple, dar purtătoare de un mesaj profund și atemporal...

A. W 1 year ago
magnifique !!! j'en ai la chair de poule

David Kroepfli8 months ago
oui c'est trop beau!

Mama omida11 months ago
ce frumos folclor avem si ascultam ca prostii manele :)

Gül She10 months ago
I can't take myself listening to this song.. I don't understand the lyrics but it aches my heart . so mystical

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